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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Djohar Arifin Husein, New PSSI Chairman

Prof. Djohar Arifin Husein was elected as Chairman of PSSI for 2011-2015, Saturday July 9, 2011. In PSSI Extraordinary Congress at The Sunan Hotel, Solo, in the second round of elections, Djohar got 61 votes, while his rival Agusman Effendi only got 38 votes. One vote declared invalid. In the first round, Djohar won with 53 votes, while Agusman got 39 votes. Japto S. Soerjosoemarno who received 4 votes, withdrew from second round.

Djohar got support from Group of 78 who previously insisted nominate George Toisutta who rejected by FIFA.

One spokesman for the Group of 78 Eddy Elison said before the 2nd round:
"The reason we nominate Djohar because he has a great track record in football. Moreover, he is also not a member of a (political) party.

Yes we hope he wins. If the first round the score was that much, hopefully he wins."

Six candidates withdrew before the election. They're Sutiyoso, Tahir Mahmud, Erwin Aksa, Indra Muchlis Adnan, Yesayas Buinei, and Jusuf Rizal.

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