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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gesang, the Maestro

Name: Gesang Martohartono
Birthplace:  Solo, Central of Java
Birth:  Oktober 1, 1917
Died: May 20, 2010 (age 93)
Songs: Bengawan Solo, Pamitan, Caping Gunung, Jembatan Merah, Saputangan, Si Piatu, Roda Dunia, Dunia Berdamai, Tirtonadi, Pemuda Dewasa, Luntur, Bumi Emas Tanah Airku, Dongengan, Sebelum Aku Mati, Aja Lamis.
Albums: Swasana Desa (1939), Pandanwangi (1949), Urung (1970), Tembok Besar (1963), Borobudur (1965), Seto Ohashi (1988)

Gesang Martohartono, or known as Gesang, was born in the Surakarta (Solo), on October 1, 1917. Known as the 'maestro keroncong', he was a singer and the creator of the Javanese song. One of his most famous song is Bengawan Solo (Solo River), that took himself around Asia.

Gesang closed his eyes forever on Thursday late afternoon (May 20). Gesang has treated in Firdaus room of PKU Muhammadiyah Solo Hospital since last May 12. Since his condition continued to worsen, since Sunday (May 16) Gesang was moved to ICU space.

Last January, Gesang had prostate surgery at the same hospital. Since the prostate surgery, the medical condition had improved, but then continued to decline. His blood pressure dropped and heart and kidney is impaired due to aging.

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