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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Candi Mendut (Mendut Temple)

Mendut is one of the Buddhist temple in Indonesia. This temple is located in the village Mendut, Mungkid district, Magelang regency, Central Java, only 3 kilometers to the east from Borobudur temple. Mendut is older than Borobudur.

Mendut founded during the reign of King Indra from Syailendra dynasty. Based on Karangtengah inscription (824 AD), it mentioned that the king Indra has built a shrine called Wenuwana (bamboo forest). Inside Mendut, there are three big statue. Sakyamuni (who turns the wheel of Dharma), Avalokitesvara (the Bodhisatwa who helps mankind), and Maitreya (the future Buddha)

At the temple wall, there are some relief of Pancatantra or Jataka stories: Brahmin and a crab, Goose and Turtle, Dharmabuddhi and Dustabuddhi, and two different parakeet birds.

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