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Monday, August 16, 2010

Panjat Pinang (Nut Tree Climbing)

Panjat Pinang is one of the traditional games, which are often held at the time of Indonesia's independence day celebration. In this game, slippery nut tree smeared with oil or fat, while various prizes hung on top. The rules are fairly simple. Participants consisted of several groups, consisting of several people (about 4-6).Since the trunk is slippery, the participant often fall. They who successfully climbed to the top were declared as the winner, and may take the prizes.

Panjat Pinang comes from Dutch colonial era. In those days, Londo (dutch people) have this game, where the participants are all native people. While the natives trying desperately to retrieve a variety of gifts of food or clothing, the Londo just enjoy laughing their desperate efforts.

Despite this game is a legacy of the colonial era, Panjat Pinang has a positive side as well. This game requires hard work and good cooperation. For spectators, the effort of the participants, their failure and success, are entertaining.

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